What is love???

"Love is everlasting
Love is only kind
Love is always patient
Love will, blow you’re mind”
~ Love Is by Je’kob

Indeed.This song sums it up quite nicely. Love is everlasting, kind, patient, and it will indeed blow your mind.

I have been fortunate enough to receive this love from my own love of my life for the past 3.5 years.

However, I do know some individuals that have yet to know this true, real, everlasting love.

It disappoints me top see them wallow in a relationship that is approaching abusive status. And as many of you know, if you attempt to inform them that their relationship is toxic, it usually only makes the situation worse.

The truth is that need top coffee to that realization on their own terms.

So I’ve learned through song this Orr and over again that it is so important to cherish the true love that we have in our lives. So so so important to tell each other that we love them. And to just live your daily life with the intention to love add much as possible everywhere you go.

Keep it simple, and spread love :)

Raw eating for the day :) smoothie made of one banana, 15 strawberries, and about 20 blueberries with a splash of lactose free milk :)

Raw eating for the day :) smoothie made of one banana, 15 strawberries, and about 20 blueberries with a splash of lactose free milk :)

#cyberbullying it needs to stop

Watching #Dr.Phil today the episode really struck me even though it was from 2008.

A beautiful young lady ended her life after being tormented through a fake MySpace account.

The creator of this account was a mother of one of the young lady’s classmates. This mother, daughter, and even one of the mother’s employees communicated with this young lady through this MySpace account.

Over time they became friends on the internet and began communicating.They would call her atrocious names, say horrible things about her that were not true, and eventually persuaded her into suicide.

The young lady eventually hung herself due to the lies these individuals were saying about her top her and to others.

Can I just say, these individuals who attacked her through this computer screen are cowardice, horrible, sickening individuals. We should all know better than to treat anyone with that kind of disrespect.

It’s one thing to have a confronting conversion with someone, but top torment, harass, and bully them to the point where they don’t want to love any more is a whole different thing.

If you are the victim of cyberbullying, please reach out to someone you trust, tell them what is going on, and speak out. You do not deserve what they are doing to you. They have no right to do that.

If you are the perpetrator of the cyber bullying, cut it out. You should feel ashamed about what you’re doing. People deserve better treatment than that. Buck up and be a better human being.

I don’t understand cyber bullying and I don’t think I ever will. I feel it’s one I’d the lowest forms of bullying, and I can’t believe that we have “forms” of bullying now.

Please remember the golden rule.

Let’s treat others how we would like to be treated in every realm of life.

#YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen

By now I would expect that many of you have heard about the epidemic regarding the #yesallwomen and the #notallmen hashtags.

One individual tweeted something like this …….

" #notallmen are violent against women but #yesallwomen must navigate a world where those who are look the same as those who aren’t. "

I can’t decide if I am supportive of this statement or not. I fully believe it plays out in our society today, however it puts all the responsibility regarding abuse and harassment on women and their personal choices. It states that violence against women, perpetrated by men, should be expected to happen and women need to know how to navigate the world with this reality.

Sickening……… Men have a CHOICE to either inflict violence/harassment/sexism/ect upon women. They are fully capable of being functioning bodies with a brain and CHOOSING to either hurt or heal.

I then saw another that gave me some hope…..

"Started reading the #YesAllWomen tweets b/c I’ve got a daughter, but now I see I should be reading them b/c I’ve got two sons."

That’s just it folks. These tweets are not put out there to rag on men or be man haters. They are put out their for education. We need to educate our sons, husbands, brothers, about these happenings. We need to teach them that these things are wrong and shouldn’t be done to any woman or any human being.

The truth is many men don’t realize the daily harassment women face. It has become a “normal” part of our day to day lives. We have special classes for women to take to learn to defend themselves. We have products known as “rape whistles” in our society. (Which are usually pink)

I received one as a graduation present……

Self disclosure:

I also put all my keys in between my fingers when I walk alone at night just in case. I carry a whistle and mace with me at all times. If my hair is in a pony tail, I take it down. If I have my phone, I pretend to talk on it. I plan to get myself a pocket knife to carry around with me as well.

My point is the #NotAllMen hashtag doesn’t get it. We are not attacking all men. We are sharing our experiences that are all too real for #YesAllWomen .

And anyone, guy or girl, who says they don’t see that much violence or harassment against women, you may be participating in it.

I am not a “man hater”, but I am a proud feminist. Women face these realities day in and day out, and the fact is they continue to happen because of men.

#YesAllWomen understand these realities and no #NotAllMen will ever understand them.

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Within the social work world, many members of the profession (especially supervisors) explicitly promote “self care.” That’s great, and appropriate. We should encourage professionals to put on their own oxygen masks before they help others with theirs.

In fact, some people conclude that the high rates of turnover within the profession are specifically connected to insufficient self-care. However, this conclusion is incorrect. The drop-out rates within the field of social work have less to do with individual social workers’ abilities to self-care, and more to do with agencies’ abilities to promote self-care as a culture.

The focus on individuals reduces the problem to a very narrow scope, and minimizes the role of the environment’s effect on the individual – which, as social workers, we profess to understand!

The Myth of “Self Care” and How Structural Inequality is the Real Culprit | To Not Live In Vain

My friend is so smart. She has put words to something I’ve felt for the last few months, that cringing annoyance whenever professors and supervisors preach on about “self-care,” as though chocolate and bubble baths are supposed to dull the fear of having to pay off a six-figure student loan debt with a $35k salary, or the stress of trying to help clients who can’t really be helped because there are no resources available to help them and nobody gives the slightest fuck.

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(via brutereason)

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